Elite roof
Modern housing Aesthetical excellence - A  modular metal roof tiles with integrated photovoltaic panels developed by Electrotile. Timeless design and easily adapting to almost any building. Sky reflections that looks different every day - Beautiful substitute for standard PV panels. They suit your home and bring as much energy as standard panels. They also cover full roof space, to bring delightful aesthetics. Built-in solar solution - Eco solution, reducing emissions, durable for years, easy to recycle. Cover and PV panels in one - saving time and formalities during the construction or replacement of the roof. Easy to service thanks to the interchangeability of individual components. Improved thermal PV efficiency - Thanks to the use of micro-panels of a small size and keeping the appropriate distance between layers - Etile does not tend to overheat. Pv modules working at optimal temperature are much more efficient and their life is extended. 72Wp/m2 South roof face - Covered with etile 40 pv. North roof face - Covered with etile 40 non pv - with the same appeareance. A solution tailored to your needs - Our solar roof coverage has been designed to meet the expectations of various customers. Etile is a timeless design in a modern form. Our tile perfectly fits for historic buildings and modern architecture giving them a completely new face. Fully integrated with regular roof - Etile roof tiles perfectly integrated into the roof structure. Cheap large-size panels, disturbing the original design of the building.